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Annual Fire Training & Drill


Fire Drill & Training

An action-packed shot from today’s fire training & drill!

This morning monks from the temple as well as members of the Kyoto Fire Department participated in a fire drill at Kondo Hall.

Fire is a very serious danger at historical sites like Ninnaji and it is important for people on site to be trained and familiar with what to do in an emergency. Members of the office staff as well as monks from the temple participate in this training event every year.

Training includes everything from how to perform CPR to practice using firefighting equipment including fire extinguishers and fire hoses.


Along with many children from the nearby elementary school, the mayor of Kyoto city (seen above in kimono) was present to watch over the event!

京の冬の旅 Winter Travels in Kyoto

Winter Travels


Ninna-ji will be participating in “Kyo no Fuyu no Tabi” (Winter Travels in Kyoto) this year!

From January 10th to March 18th you can enjoy a special a chance to see the inside of Main Hall (Kondo) and the Five-Storied Pagoda! You can see the insides of both of these buildings for 600 yen! This is a very special opportunity, these buildings are usually closed to visitors!

On  the following dates the Main Hall will not be open to visitors, in exchange you can see the Five Storied Pagoda for a lower price (300 yen):

1/23, 2/2・3・14・15、3/3・4

You can see what other temples are participating and what buildings will be open especially for this season on the official Kyo no Fuyu no Tabi homepage! (Japanese only)

Renovations to Chokushi Gate are complete


The brand new roof of the Chokushi Gate has been completed!

The scaffolding has been put away and the gate is visible again with its new and improved roof.



Beautiful isn’t it? The color will change over time, but for now the roof looks very new!

Here’s a close-up so you can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this renovation!



Ninnaji Temple is open to visitors from 9am to 4:30pm during the winter!

Bundle up and come see the refreshed Chokushi Gate!

Reihokan Is Open for Fall

Reihokan , the temple’s museum, is open for fall until November 25th! There are many delicate items on display at the museum, so it is only open for approximately 4 months of the year (two months at a time) when the weather is most pleasant. If you miss it this time, be sure to try to make it for the spring session!

Mini 88 Temple Walk

88There are 88 small temples on one of the mountains behind Ninna-ji Temple.  These temples were built as an homage to the very famous 88 Temples on the island of Shikoku. While visiting all of the full-sized temples of Shikoku is the preferred option, the mini-pilgrimage was created for those who cannot make the journey.

The mini-pilgrimage route is built on a mountain, and so it is always open. However, there are only certain days when it is possible to collect evidence of your visit to each temple by completing a stamp book. These days are referred to as the 88-Temple Walk days, and they held once each month during  late spring into summer and fall. The Walk is sometimes canceled due to inclement weather, however, so there are often less chances to participate each year than planned. The walk is scheduled on Sundays.

The remaining 88-Temple Walk Days are as follows:

September 9th ・ October 14th ・ November 11th

To collect stamps, go to Kondo (the Main Hall of Ninna-ji) between 9-12 on the day of the walk, and purchase a stamp book for 300 yen. You will then be pointed in the direction of the hiking path. Collect stamps from each temple along the 3 km route to complete the walk.

I recommend the walk for visitors who have a lot of time to spend in Kyoto and enjoy hiking and the outdoors. No reservations are required, just come to Kondo the day of the walk and start hiking!

A look at the repairs at Chokushi Gate

Repairs to Chokushimon

This is the right side of the gate if you view it from outside of Goten. Things are certainly a bit messy!

Repairs to Chokushimon
On the side of the gate that faces into Goten you can see much more progress has been made. On the upper portion you can see the bare roof, the bark covering on the entire roof will be removed and then replaced. Notice that the wooden beam up at the top was actually covered with tiles. They have been temporarily removed.

And just in case you forgot what the gate looks like normally… The side you see visible in this photo is the same as the 2nd picture above.


I look forward to seeing the freshly redone gate later this fall!