Two Poems by Yosa Buson

I mentioned in an earlier post that Ninnaji’s cherry blossoms have been referenced in poems, and in the next few posts I would like to share those poems along with some photos of the currently blooming flowers with you! I have offered a translation for all of the poems, but the are amateur attempts and do not compare to the originals. I only hope that they can offer those who do not read Japanese an idea of the character of the original poem.

The Omuro grove is close to full bloom now! If you have the opportunity, come see them before the petals fall!


「ねぶたさの 春は御室の 花よりぞ」与謝蕪村

Sleepy spring

 begins with

 Omuro’s flowers

「春に来て 御室を出るや 宵月夜」与謝蕪村

Arrive in spring

leave Omuro

an evening moon


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