Mini 88 Temple Pilgrimage Walk

88 Temple Walk

The island of Shikoku is famous for its 88 temple pilgrimage route. Although many people today travel to the 88 temples by car or on a tour bus, some people take weeks to go about it the old-fashioned way — on foot. Here at Ninna-ji there is a miniature version of this pilgrimage route. It was built in the Edo Period for those who could not make the long journey to (and then around!) Shikoku. There are 88 stations on Mount Jōju behind Ninna-ji Temple, and sand from the actual temples has been placed at each station, making the mini-pilgrimage a suitable substitute for visiting the actual 88 temples. The miniature route here is essentially hiking, and you can walk the path any time you like. For the next few months, however, Ninna-ji will be holding a special day once a month when you can collect stamps at each of the stations. The first one is tomorrow, May 15th. There will be one day every month (except August) until November when it is possible to collect stamps. I have yet to decide what day I’ll be going, but I’ll be sure to post pictures after I go!

88 Temple Walk days: May 15th, June 12th, July 3rd, September 4th, October 2nd, November 6th

Time: 9am – 1 pm

Fee: ¥300 (for stamp book)


4 thoughts on “Mini 88 Temple Pilgrimage Walk

  1. I am hoping to visit and stay at Ninna-ji Temple July 8,9 and 10th of this year.
    I would like to go to some of the stations sometime during my stay.
    If the event mentioned coincides with these dates it would be GREAT!
    Thank you,

  2. I’m afraid that the July walk is July 3rd, the weekend before you come! The summer gets very hot in Kyoto, I imagine when they planned the walk days they thought it was best to have it in July as early as possible (and they decided not to have one in August at all!). Although you won’t be able to get any stamps at the stations during your stay, the path is open and can be hiked freely at any time. I haven’t heard about any other July events yet, but I will be sure to post about them if I do!

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