Ikebana Event: Inside Goten

There were approximately 190 arrangements on display, unfortunately I can’t post pictures of all of them! Here are a few highlights!

Click on any of the images for larger versions.Omuro School of Ikebana EventThere were some arrangements outside for visitors to see as they entered the temple grounds.

Omuro School of Ikebana EventThere really were flower arrangements all over inside of Goten! The red carpet was rolled out to guide visitors through the displays, this area is one of the several places that are usually off-limits for visitors.

Omuro School Ikebana Event
Omuro School Ikebana Event

Omuro School of Ikebana EventThese flowers were displayed along the backside of Shinden facing the South Garden.

I hope you enjoyed this small taste of the event! If you missed it this time I hope you can see it for yourself next year! The event is held every year, usually in the third week of May. (Expect an update here or on the official site next year about the exact date.)

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