New Shōji Doors

New Shōji DoorsMore maintenance in Goten recently! The other day there was a fitting for a new set of shōji doors on the little room at the entrance of Goten. (This is where visitors bring their stamp books to get their commemorative stamps from their visit to Ninna-ji.) The new doors will have a larger and higher glass pane so that it will make it easier for visitors and the people working in the room to see each other. The glass panes have sliding shōji panels that can be left in place making the doors opaque or can be moved up to reveal the translucent glass pane. The craftsman making the doors will be back another day soon with the completed product, as you can see in these pictures when he came for the fitting the Japanese paper that is so characteristic of shōji doors had yet to be applied.New Shōji Doors


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