Birthday Festivities Revisited

Kobo Daishi's BirthdayIf you look closely at one of the pictures from the ceremony inside Mie-do for Kobo Daishi’s birthday (see this post) you can make out a bunch of flowers near the altar.  That bunch of flowers was actually what you see above. It was brought to Goten after the ceremony in Mie-do was completed. This is an altar that is also used for Buddha’s birthday, the statue is of young Buddha and the basin is filled with sweet tea. It is said that when Buddha was born it rained sweet rain, and so in honor of this people worship the Buddha above by using one of the ladles to poor the sweet tea over the head of the statue. You can see some visitors to the temple doing this below. There is was also some sweet tea for visitors to drink. The tea is very sweet, but naturally so with no sugar added!

Kobo Daishi's Birthday Kobo Daishi's Birthday

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