The Amida Triad on the Move

There are two Amida Triad statues at Ninna-ji, one set is enshrined in Kon-do and the older set made in the Heian period is kept in Reiho-kan. Reiho-kan is currently closed, which made for good timing to lend the older set to an art exhibit in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a bit of a drive from here, so some careful packing was necessary before the trip began.

Amida Triad on the move Amida Triad on the move Amida Triad on the move

After being wrapped in lots and lots of a tissue paper, each piece was finally loaded into special trucks and the journey to Tokyo began. We hear that they have arrived safely!

Amida Triad on the move Amida Triad on the move

The Triad should be back before Reiho-kan is open for the fall, but if you would like to see the Triad before then, you can go see it in Tokyo! The exhibit is entitled “Kukai’s World: The Arts of Esoteric Buddhism” and begins on July 20th at the Tokyo National Museum. There is information about the exhibit available in both in Japanese and in English.