This Week’s Omuro-ryū Arrangements

Goten arrangement July 2ndThis week two new arrangements are in Goten for your viewing pleasure. The arrangements change often, so there is no guarantee how long these particular works will be visible, but feel free to come see them in person.

The seika arrangement on the left as you come in is a variety of Japanese Umbrella Pine known as Chōsen Maki (朝鮮槇) in Japanese. It is a conifer, and while it resembles a pine tree from afar, it has slim, flat leaves instead of needles. A different variety of Japanese Umbrella Pine was used historically as a sort of fence to divide residences and buildings because it grows straight and tall and functioned as a fire-break.

Goten arrangement July 2ndThe arrangement on your right (also seika) as you enter Goten features the Liatris spicata or “dense blazing star” (リアトリス in Japanese). It is a plant native to North America.

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