Seeing the Tea Houses Up Close: Ryokaku-tei

Ryokaku-tei Tea HouseIt is possible to make an appointment to see Ryokaku-tei and Hito-tei up close, but the requirements for a reservation are strictly enforced. Groups of 5 people or more may make a reservation, and  the cost of this special tour is ¥1,000 per person. Guests living in Japan are usually asked to make a reservation by way of a reply-paid postcard (往復はがき), but guests from out of the country may express interest in making a reservation via e-mail. If you require a foreign-language tour, we ask that you allow some flexibility in the scheduling of your visit so that we can find a day when one of our foreign staff members will be able to assist you. Due to the necessity of this type of preparation, we ask that you contact us at least a month in advanced so that we can make sure everything is scheduled appropriately.

I recently went to see the tea houses with some of the other staff members here at the temple and was able to take some pictures to show you! Visitors to the temple may take photos of the tea houses from afar, however, please understand that taking photographs is not permitted during the tour of the tea houses. The pictures I have for you today are a special case, if you were to visit the temple and see the tea houses yourself, you would not be allowed to take photos.

I will be updating with some photos of Hito-tei soon!

Ryokaku-tei Tea HouseRyokaku-tei has a lovely water feature around the back.
Ryokaku-tei Tea House

The inside of Ryokaku-tei, this room is where the tea ceremony would be performed.

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