Gion Festival

Year of the Rabbit

Unfortunately, unlike Aoi Festival and Mifune Festival, there aren’t any depictions of Gion Festival here at Ninna-ji. However, Gion Festival is one of the big three festivals of Kyoto,  so although it is not directly related to Ninna-ji, I feel that a brief post is a must! One of the Chinese Zodiac bunnies constructed with Kyoto-made fabric from the temple shop is going to have to stand in for a photograph of something Gion Festival related. I apologize that I cannot offer something more on-topic, but I do hope you find his serious countenance as amusing as I do.

Gion Festival is actually a month-long occasion, but the parade (largely considered the main event) happens this weekend on Sunday from 9am to 1pm. On the evenings leading up to the parade (starting tonight!) you can go see the completed floats (yamaboko) and enjoy the amazing festival atmosphere down near the intersection of Karasuma and Shijō streets. On the day of the parade, I highly recommend finding a place to watch that will allow you to see the floats turn a corner, I think it is the most impressive part of the procession!