Kukai Exhibit in Tokyo Opens Today!

I posted just three weeks ago about the Reiho-kan Amida Triad being packed up and brought to Tokyo for an art exhibit, and now the opening day of the exhibit has arrived! “Kukai’s World: The Arts of Esoteric Buddhism” and opens today at the Tokyo National Museum. You can see photographs of some of the items on exhibit on this page of the Tokyo National Museum website. The webpage for the exhibit can be found here, at Kukai2011.jp.

For this post I thought I would add an image I did not include in my first post about the exhibit. This is what the base of the statues look like without anything on top of them! The bases were, of course, packed up and brought to Tokyo as well, but I was able to take this photograph before the movers began wrapping it up for its journey. I had never thought of how the statues were constructed, it hadn’t occurred to me that they might actually be composed of separate pieces.

Amida Triad on the move

The Kukai exhibit runs until September 25th, don’t miss your chance to see Buddhist pieces from around the country collected in one place!

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