Tortoise Omamori

Turtle OmamoriTurtle Omamori

In Japan, tortoises are said to live for 10,000 years. These mythical tortoises often are depicted with long flowing tails. This charm takes the form of one such tortoise and offers its owner health, long life, and safety when traveling. Ninna-ji has a variety of charms made from a Japanese fabric called chirimen (known as crape in English). I really like the chirimen charms and think that this tortoise is one of the cutest ones we have. The upper part of his shell uses a fabric that looks like shibori, a traditional Japanese method for dying fabric. He has beads for eyes and as you can see on the view of his underside, there is a bell and a little nameplate attached that says the charm is from Ninna-ji.

Omamori really are great souvenirs from your visits to temples and shrines. Be sure to take a look at the shops at the places you visit for helpful little charms like this one!

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