Tweeting for the Temple

Atop Kon-doI would like to say おいでやす* to visitors who found the blog through my recent twitter update! From now on, I will occasionally be tweeting for the temple on our official Twitter account. You can find our Twitter feed here, or, starting this week, in the sidebar to the right!

Japanese is a great language for Twitter since you can write so much and still stay within the character limit. (Or maybe it defeats the purpose of Twitter because the tweets are too long? A debatable topic, I think.)  It was difficult to come up with something short enough to fit the character limit in English… I didn’t realize that spaces counted, too!

In short: Tweeting is hard work.

If you ever get the feeling that these blog posts are just too long, follow us on Twitter and learn more about the temple through the medium of tweets!

* “oideyasu” means “welcome” in Kyoto dialect