Arrangement July 27th

Arrangement July 27

This jiyū-ka arrangement features 3 plants. The branches with leaves and berries are called “natsuhaze” in Japanese. “Natsuhaze” is native to East Asia, and might be called “oldham blueberry” in English. The long grass is a variety of Japanese pampas grass called “takanoha susuki.” Finally, the red flowers at the base are cockscomb, or “keitou” (鶏頭 “chicken head,” as youcan see, it’s the same meaning in both languages!).

I thought the vase was particularly interesting, it was the first time I’ve seen such a colorful vase for an arrangement in Goten.

Arrangement July 27


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  1. My daughter and I spent 4 days at the Ninna-ji Temple dormitory(?) and ate there at the restaurant. The flower arrangements (Ikebana?) in all the civic buildings were delightful. IN the restaurant where we ate there was an arrangement with some variety of Lilly bulb and every morning one or two of the flowers will open one time while we were eating! It was truly Japanese!
    WE did many other pleasant activities at the temple. The garden and the building structure that it surrounds is perhaps the best garden arrangement I have seen it even rivals the Imperial garden in Tokyo. It is not a very large garden yet the way it is situated and the way the building integrates within it makes it look very vast….This is of course my humble opinion.

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