Completed Doors in Goten

New Doors

Here are the completed doors I showed you in this post back in early June. The new shōji doors were installed just a few days after that post. The glass panes and sliding panels that can be lowered to cover them are very useful and much more convenient than the previous doors.

The old doors were installed the opposite direction, the flat paper-covered side faced into the room and the side with the wood slats faced out. I was surprised to see that with the new doors it was different, but it turns out that the way the doors are now is the more correct style for the current setup of the area. In the past the temple shop occupied the open space that is now in front of this room. Since then, the temple shop has been relocated to further within Goten. Shōji doors are meant to be installed so that it is easy to open and close for the main people using the doors, in this case people who work at the temple are more likely to be within the room going out, so having the slats on the inside makes the doors easier to open.

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