Domoto Inshō Museum


The Domoto Inshō Museum (in Japanese and English)  is offering free admission all month! The museum is near Ninna-ji, conveniently located 3 stops away by the #59 bus at the Ritsumeikan Daigakumae bus stop. Ninna-ji often has tickets and flyers for the museum’s exhibits available near the temple shop, but this month you can visit the museum free of charge even without one of the tickets pictured to the right. In honor of the public’s efforts to conserve energy at their homes, the museum is encouraging people to gather at the museum to stay cool during the rising temperatures.

Domoto Inshō has a direct connection to Ninna-ji — he  is the artist who painted the sliding panels in Kuro-shoin. He completed the paintings in 1937, a year which commemorated the 1,000th birthday of Retired Emperor Uda and the 1,100th birthday of founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kobo Daishi.

I’ll leave you with a few shots of his work in Kuro-shoin and encourage any of my readers in Kyoto during August to take advantage of the free admission and keep cool while enjoying his works on display at the museum!

CIMG0922 CIMG0905



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