All Dressed Up

All dressed upSchool is back in session and that means students on their class field trips are back at the temple. Usually they come in their school uniforms, but the other day several groups (likely all from the same school) came wearing kimono! I have seen a few groups of girls on school trips visiting the temple in kimono, but it was the first time I’ve seen boys dressed up, too. Everyone looked very nice! I hope they took lots of pictures of each other during their visit to Ninna-ji! Goten is a great setting for some pictures in kimono.

It is relatively uncommon for people to wear kimono on a casual basis in Japan now, but you are likely to see more people in kimono in Kyoto than other places in Japan. While some of those people might live in Kyoto and be wearing kimono for any number of reasons, others like these students might be tourists from other parts of the country spending a day in kimono during their visit. There are many places that offer one-day rentals of casual kimono for reasonable prices, if you’d like to walk around Kyoto in kimono be sure to look into these services before you come!


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