Writing your own Goma-ki

Goma Hō

To make a wish or prayer on goma-ki: choose your preferred prayer, pay the small fee by putting coins in the box, write your name and address on the piece of wood, and leave it on the table. It will later be burned during a monthly ceremony called Goma Hō held on the 21st and again on the 28th. When your prayer is put on the fire it will be communicated to the gods and your request will be granted. In front of Daikoku-do and at the Middle Gate you will see a table with wooden slats with words printed on them, these are goma-ki that are used for writing prayers/wishes. There are blank goma-ki on which you can write your own request, but there are also pre-written versions with common prayers. The options available at Ninna-ji are explained below.


As seen in the photo above from left to right:

学業上達 (gakugyō jōtatsu) progress in studies

目的達成 (mokuteki tassei) achievement of goals

交通安全 (kōtsū anzen) traffic safety

心願成就 (shingan jyōju) realization of earnest wishes

家業繁栄 (kagyō han’ei) prosperity of the family business

諸難消防 (shonan shōbō) extinguish difficulties

縁談成就 (endan jyōju) successfully find a marriage partner

病気平癒 (byōki heiyu) recovery from illness

事業発展 (jigyō hatten) business development

身体健康 (shintai kenkō) full-body health

商売繁盛 (shōbai hanjō) prosperous business

家内安全 (kanai anzen) safety of family members/ of the household

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