Goten Arrangement September 15th: Jiyū-ka

September 15th Arrangement

This jiyū-ka arrangement, to be more specific sōsakubana (創作花) or “creative style” arrangement, consists of four plants. The delicate, leafy branches on the left are Thunberg’s meadow-sweet, or yukiyanagi in Japanese. Yukiyanagi means “winter willow,” and the plant was given this name for the white blossoms that adorn it in spring. The thin stems with bulbs on the ends are from the leopard lily. If you look closely at the image below, you should just be able to see a few berries sitting in one of the open bulbs. The fuchsia you see peeking from behind the yukiyanagi is cockscomb, it has made quite a few appearances in Goten arrangements lately! And finally, to the right side you can see several shades of ornamental peppers (kanshōyō tōgarashi).

Click the image below for a better view!September 15th Arrangement

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