Meals at Omuro Kaikan Hall

Occasionally guests who stay at Omuro Kaikan Hall are surprised to discover that the meals are not shōjin ryōri, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Although by staying at Omuro Kaikan Hall guests are staying on the temple grounds, because at Ninna-ji the goal is to offer guests the same comforts and atmosphere as that of a Japanese-style inn we offer traditional Japanese food instead of Buddhist cuisine.

If you stay at Omuro Kaikan Hall, or even if you just decide to eat at the restaurant for lunch during the day, you will be treated to delicious Kyoto cuisine, which includes fish and meat.

Here are some photographs of the types of meals served at Omuro Kaikan Hall, you can see a some other examples here and here.

Breakfast featuring boiled tofu        Dinner at Omuro Kaikan Hall

Above: Breakfast (left) featuring boiled tofu and grilled salmon and dinner (right) that includes sashimi as well as famous Kyoto foods such as pickles and yuba (a tofu product).

Below: Another example of dinner, the exact items served vary depending on the time of year. No matter when you visit you can enjoy fresh ingredients and appreciate the Japanese sensitivity to the seasons at Omuro Kaikan Hall.

Dinner at Omuro Kaikan Hall

The restaurant in Omuro Kaikan Hall serves lunch from 11am to 1pm, so even guests who are not staying the night can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine during their visit to Ninna-ji!

For more information about staying overnight at the temple, please see this page.


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