Mayumaro at Ninna-ji!

Mayumaro at Ninna-ji!

This past weekend Mayumaro came to see Ninnaji’s Omuro cherry trees in bloom! Unfortunately it was a bit rainy, but I hope he enjoyed his visit anyway!

Mayumaro is the PR character for tourism in Kyoto Prefecture. He debuted just a few years ago at the Kyoto Culture Festival (国民文化祭, now an annual event in autumn every year). He visits all sorts of famous sites around Kyoto as well as makes appearances at events. You can see some of his adventures here or on his twitter!

Some of you are probably wondering: “… What IS that thing?” Mayumaro is named and shaped after the silk cocoon (called “mayu” in Japanese) that many silk products in Kyoto are made from.

Japan likes to have cute characters for all sorts of things, though making a character out of a cocoon is pretty unconventional.


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