Not all visitors are on their best behavior…

Not all visitors are on their best behavior...

When you visit Japan you might find yourself struggling to find places to throw away your trash. Often there will be recycle bins near vending machines and trash and recycling bins at convenience stores, but it can be still be difficult to find a trash can when you need one.

At Ninna-ji as well as many other temples and sites in Kyoto, we ask that you take your trash with you. During the peak of the cherry blossoms here at Ninna-ji a few visitors not only didn’t clean up after themselves, but also went through the trouble of making a mess in a place out of sight. The crows got to the trash before the staff did, so it became an even bigger mess. It is very sad to see things like this.

During peak times, places such as temples and parks cannot handle disposing all their visitors’ trash. While it can be a hassle, please be sure to take your trash with you when you leave. It can be good to have an extra plastic bag or two folded up in your pocket or bag just in case.

The Cherry Blossom Festival here at Ninna-ji has come to an end and we would like to thank all the visitors that left the temple as beautiful as they found it. It is with everyone’s help that so many sites in Japan are clean and beautiful.



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