Accomodation at Ninna-ji

It is possible to stay on the temple grounds in a building called Omuro Kaikan Hall. Information about staying at the temple in Japanese can be found here, and on this page I will be explaining accommodation at Omuro Kaikan Hall in English. Foreign visitors are of course welcome to stay at Omuro Kaikan Hall, but please understand that English-speaking staff may not be available during your stay.

By staying overnight at the temple you will have the special opportunity to attend the morning service with the monks in Kon-do. You will also be treated to a free pass to enter Goten, the palace area.
Morning Prayers

Omuro Kaikan Hall is located toward the eastern side of the temple grounds, it contains 12 guest rooms of various sizes and can be occupied by up to 66 people. All of the guest rooms are Japanese-style with tatami mats. The nightly rate for Omuro Kaikan Hall is dependant on the age and amount of guests, not on room size. Restrooms are separate from the guest rooms and are shared between guests of the same floor. All guests share one of two public bath facilities (separated by gender) with open showers on the first floor, there are no showers or baths in the guest rooms.

Room Sizes & Max Number of People per Room

4.5 Mat (~7m² or 24ft²) 1 Available 1 Person
8 Mat (~ 13m² or 42ft²) 4 Available 3 People
14 Mat (~ 22m² or 74ft²) 5 Available 7 People
16 Mat (~ 26m² or 85ft²) 1 Available 8 People
18 Mat (~ 29m² or 95ft²) 1 Available 10 People

All rooms include a television, refrigerator, air conditioner, and a safe.

Guest Room in Omuro Hall Guest Room in Omuro Hall


Yukata, face towel, tooth-brush set, 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner

There is body soap in the bathing area. Hair dryers can be borrowed from the front desk.
Bathing Facility in Omuro Hall

Check in From 16:00
Check out 9:00
Gate Closes 23:00
Dinner 18:30
Breakfast 7:30
Parking Free (space for 10 vehicles)
Restrooms Shared by guests of same floor
Bathing Facilities 1st floor, 1 large and 1 small


Middle school students and up are considered adults. Elementary school children qualify for child rates, children under elementary school age stay free. There is no nightly fee for small children, but upon request, bedding (¥2,900), dinner (¥2,300), and/or breakfast (¥1,000) for small children can be provided at the prices listed.

Options Adult Child
One night, dinner & breakfast included ¥11,000 ¥8,900
One night, breakfast only ¥7,200 ¥6,600
One night, no meals ¥6,200 ¥5,600

※All prices include tax. Prices indicated above are as of February 2018 and are subject to change. Please verify the rates on the official Omuro Kaikan Hall page before making your reservation.

Please note that the meals served at Omuro Kaikan Hall are Japanese cuisine, but are not vegetarian. You will be treated to Kyoto cuisine, which includes fish and occasionally meat. You can see some sample photographs and read about the meals served at Omuro Kaikan  Hall in this post.


Please contact the temple using this online form for information about availability.

You may also refer to this page for availability for stays within the next few months. This page should be used only for gauging the general availability of rooms, contact Omuro Kaikan Hall for the most up-to-date information.


Available  Limited availability, contact to verify × Unavailable  Closed

Making a Reservation

Using the same online form linked above, fill in the “inquiry body” with your desired option (breakfast, breakfast & dinner, or no meals), number of guests (adult/child), and desired length of stay. You should receive an e-mail confirming your reservation.

Do not attempt to make reservations through commenting on this page. Please use the pages indicated above to verify availability and make reservations.