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Reihokan Is Open for Fall

Reihokan , the temple’s museum, is open for fall until November 25th! There are many delicate items on display at the museum, so it is only open for approximately 4 months of the year (two months at a time) when the weather is most pleasant. If you miss it this time, be sure to try to make it for the spring session!

Upcoming Event: “Laughter & the Heart of Health”

Onishi Chijo, a lead monk here at Ninna-ji, will be giving a lecture at Omuro Kaikan Hall on June 30th at 2:00pm. The event is free but is limited to the first 150 guests, seating beings 1 hour before the lecture starts.

The talk is entitled “Warai to Kenko no Kokoro” (“Laughter & the Heart of Health).

“With failure comes laughter, and with success comes profound emotion. Life is fun because there are things we cannot do.”

See the front and back of the flyer for more information. The lecture will be in Japanese.

Cherry blossoms in motion

Actually, the camera is moving more so than the cherry blossoms… This short video was taken from the crane last week’s picture was taken from. It’s too bad that we all couldn’t have enjoyed the cherry blossoms from this angle.

This is an amateur video, you’ll hear some voices in the background but you will also be able to hear some birds singing. It was taken in the morning before the temple is open to visitors.

We have entered into Golden Week here in Japan! I’m sure there will be many, many people spending their vacation days visiting temples and sites around Kyoto. While the cherry trees are no longer in bloom, the temple grounds are covered with green and Goten and the other temple structures are as beautiful as ever. If you will be in Kyoto for Golden Week be sure to come visit Ninna-ji during your stay!

Mapping Things Out

Map of the Temple Grounds

When you enter through Nio-mon, this map stands to you right. Most temples and shrines have these kinds of hand-painted maps depicting the grounds, I think they have a special charm to them. For one, I like that it depicts two seasons at once — the cherry trees are painted in full bloom alongside red fall foliage.

There is a larger version of this photograph so you can try to see the details better, be sure to take a look!