Calligraphy in Goten

Entryway to Goten

When you enter Goten you will notice the beautiful flower arrangements, and if you look above them you will see four large characters written in calligraphy. This word is read right-to-left and is pronounced “keizōkai-e” (けいぞうかいえ). Many visitors (including Japanese visitors!) have asked about the meaning and pronunciation. Due to the cursive style of the kanji it can be hard for to figure out what character is which, but written in regular font the characters are “会界蔵華” (written in the same right-to-left format, in regular writing it would be written left-to-right as 華蔵界会).

“Keizōkai-e” is one name for the world in which the Buddha known as Dainichi Nyorai lives. This world is also known as the Lotus Treasury World (蓮華蔵世界・れんげぞうせかい).