August Flower Arrangement

August Jiyu-ka ArrangementThis beautiful arrangement features a branch from a willow tree (shidare) and flowers from a mulberry bush (kuwa).

The vase adds to the very modern feel of the arrangement.


Chokushi Gate Undergoing Repairs

Chokushi Gate Under Repairs

This is all that can be seen of the Chokushi Gate for a while….

It will be undergoing repairs and maintenance until the end of November. It is unfortunate that guests visiting during this time period won’t be able to see the gate, but these repairs are necessary to ensure that the gate will be strong and beautiful for years to come.

There are still many beautiful sights at Ninna-ji to see the summer! It is still cool inside Goten and the garden is as beautiful as ever!

Spring Ikebana Exhibition

Ninna-ji is the iemoto (head school) of the Omuro School of flower arrangement. Every year students and teachers display arrangements all throughout Goten. Here are a couple of pictures from this spring’s exhibition!


Two very gorgeous and impressive arrangements on display in the entrance to Goten.


Rooms that are usually off-limits to visitors are opened up and filled with flower arrangements.


There are many kinds of flowers and both classical and free-form styles on display every year! If you are in Kyoto next spring, keep this exhibition in mind!

Goten Flower Arrangements

Seika Arrangement May 9th, 2012

          Jiyu-ka Arrangement May 9th, 2012

The seika arrangement on the left features Japanese mountain ash, or urajiro no ki. It is a plant native to Japan and is named in Japanese for the white-ish color of the underside of the leaves.

On the right is a jiyū-ka arrangement that uses Peonies (shakuyaku), statice, and leaves of a variety of maple tree. This was a very tall arrangement in a very unique vase.