The next stage of summer…

Rest Area

The rainy season officially ended in western Japan just a few days ago. That hasn’t stopped thunderstorms from rolling in, but the end of the rainy season is the beginning of mid-summer nonetheless. Yesterday you could hear cicadas all around the temple grounds, and I was surprised to hear cicadas for the first time this summer on Sunday. Even though it’s been hot for a while now, hearing cicadas makes most people in Japan think “Summer is here!” I tried to find a cicada to take a picture of, but as soon as I started to get close, the cicadas would stop singing. I’ll be sure to post a picture if I manage to sneak up on one!

The sun’s rays are very hot right now,  and unfortunately there is not much shade on the main path to the pagoda and Kon-do. If you forget your parasol, feel free to take a break in the shade of the building above! There are a couple vending machines with some beverages and plenty of benches to sit on. (The bathrooms are also very close by!)

There are many things to see in Kyoto, but in this heat it’s important to take breaks! Nothing puts a damper on sightseeing like heat exhaustion!