Getting to Ninna-ji

By Bus

Traveling by bus is very convenient and easy in Kyoto! You can read about the bus system in English here. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to download a PDF of the bus route map. Unless you can print out a large copy at home, I recommend picking a map when you get here, but the PDF version is certainly handy for planning your visit. If you look on the bus map, you’ll notice that Ninna-ji is very close to two other temples, Kinkakuji and Ryoanji. All three temples can be accessed from the #59 bus, and if you’re feeling ambitious and the weather is agreeable, Ryoanji is within walking distance from Ninna-ji.

Many temples are most easily accessed by bus, so it is a very convenient method of transportation if you would like to visit several temples in one day. There are also several options for flat-fee all day bus or bus and subway passes available. You can buy these passes on the bus or at subway stations.

【From JR Kyoto Station】
JR Bus: Takao Keihoku Line 30 minutes 220

City Bus: 26, 40 minutes

【From Sanjo Keihan Station】
City Bus: 10 ・59, 40 minutes

【From Hankyu Omiya Station】
City Bus: 26, 30 minutes

【From Hankyu Saiin Station】
City Bus: 26, 25 minutes

By Train

【JR Sagano Line】
Take the Sagano Line (platforms 31/32/33) from JR Kyoto Station
→Get off at Enmachi Station, Take bus #26, arrive at Omuro Ninna-ji bus stop (10 minutes)
→Get off at Hanazono Station, continue to the temple by foot (15 minutes) or by taxi (5 minutes)

【Randen Steet Car (Keifuku Railway)】
Kitano Line to Omuro Ninna-ji Station, continue by foot (2 minutes)