Little Persimmons Near Kusho Myoshin

Persimmon Near Kusho Myoshin

There are two persimmon trees near Kusho Myoshin and both are full of fruit! Little fruit. The persimmons that are commonly eaten in Japan are much larger. This variety of persimmon is called sarugaki (persimmon is “kaki“), or “monkey persimmon.” They are small enough to fit in the palm of an adult’s hand. “Monkey persimmon” are edible, but quite tart. (Please take our word for it and do not pick or eat any persimmon you come across at Ninna-ji or any other temple!)Persimmon Near Kusho Myoshin


Some Foliage Near Kusho Myojin Shrine

Some Foliage near Kusho Myojin Shrine

This photograph was taken at the end of October, this little tree was very quick to change colors! In the background you can see the stone torii (archway along the path to a Shinto shrine) of Kusho Myoshin Shrine. Many Buddhist temples have small Shinto shrines within the temple grounds, Kusho Myoshin Shrine is Ninna-ji’s tutelary shrine. When you visit the temple you’ll find Kusho Myoshin Shrine near the Five-Storied Pagoda and the Sutra Hall.

Although Ninna-ji is famous for its cherry blossoms, the fall foliage is very beautiful as well!