August Flower Arrangement

August Jiyu-ka ArrangementThis beautiful arrangement features a branch from a willow tree (shidare) and flowers from a mulberry bush (kuwa).

The vase adds to the very modern feel of the arrangement.


Spring Ikebana Exhibition

Ninna-ji is the iemoto (head school) of the Omuro School of flower arrangement. Every year students and teachers display arrangements all throughout Goten. Here are a couple of pictures from this spring’s exhibition!


Two very gorgeous and impressive arrangements on display in the entrance to Goten.


Rooms that are usually off-limits to visitors are opened up and filled with flower arrangements.


There are many kinds of flowers and both classical and free-form styles on display every year! If you are in Kyoto next spring, keep this exhibition in mind!

Goten Flower Arrangements

Seika Arrangement May 9th, 2012

          Jiyu-ka Arrangement May 9th, 2012

The seika arrangement on the left features Japanese mountain ash, or urajiro no ki. It is a plant native to Japan and is named in Japanese for the white-ish color of the underside of the leaves.

On the right is a jiyū-ka arrangement that uses Peonies (shakuyaku), statice, and leaves of a variety of maple tree. This was a very tall arrangement in a very unique vase.